Uganda: Halfway Through


I’m up and ready for my 6th day on the job – it’s another hot day and we have another long journey ahead of us. We are now in the Eastern part of Uganda – Mbale is where we are staying. We will be travelling for a couple of hours to visit a fully developed farm which has grown from nothing all the way into a training centre for other farmers! What an initiative!

Yesterday we met more incredible, strong hard working people. We were embraced and welcomed by 2 women’s groups – we arrived and they were so excited! They were singing and dancing, it was colourful energetic and totally overwhelming!! I got a few shots of this and a snippet of video – dont think i’ll be seeing anything like this back in the UK! It was a lovely opportunity to say something to such a large number of the people we have met so far. These situations are very well organised and not uncomfortably formal but you know when it is your turn to speak and when it is theirs. I had to stand up and say something in each group – it was surreal! But again, so cool to be able to say how I feel about the privilige of meeting them and learning what truly strong people are!

I completely fell in love with a group of children at one of the farms yesterday! They were so adorable. They live in hard conditions, to the point that one of them is blind and dumb because she was so mal nourished as a baby. It was sad and hard to see. She was so cute and she was smiling because we were there. They were all overjoyed to have us with them. I let the kids try on my hat (your hat Paul!) and sunglasses and taught them some ‘pretty cool’ handshakes! It was so much fun. They were fascinated by the camera and seeing themselves – I adored hanging out with them and found it hard to leave.

I’d better go re-pack my bag for 100th time and make sure my equip is up to speed for another wonderfully exhausting action packed day!!!!

Hope to write again soon