School prospectus

A fantastic way to celebrate all that your school prides itself on, the various elements that come together to create your unique community and make you who you are. It is also a valuable and accessible way to show what your school can offer the future generation of pupils, creating a very honest and engaging way to discover your school.

I work hard to produce prospectuses that capture the essence and character of a school. Get in touch to set up a meeting to discuss how a video prospectus could benefit your school and provide instant access to celebrating your school's achievements.

School events

School trips, concerts, plays, departmental performances, special events can all be captured to demonstrate your school's achievements. Whether it's for the school or for the parents, it has to be child-centred. This is why it's important to employ high quality equipment, as focussed on the sound as well as the image – as close and personal as the event allows. Offering multi-camera angles in full HD, I ensure that the moments are captured, not just so they are watchable, but so they are something to be really proud of.


Working in schools, I am very well aware of the need for appropriate, creative and well-structured projects. Projects that not only spark imagination and engage learning opportunities but that have a distinct value attached in order to make a positive impact on a young person's life. In order to make such an impact and really help to transform either an idea, self image or a way of life, these projects need to be specifically created and adapted according to the needs of those young people.

My experience of working with young people that have learning difficulties, physical difficulties and social and emotional behaviours has taught me so much about how to approach the idea of film-making within this context. Working with young people in this way also confirms for me how wonderful and door-opening the medium of film can be.

Some of the many benefits to these projects include:

- Giving young people a platform to use their voice and gain a sense of value
- Increasing confidence and self esteem
- Learning how to work with others
- Discovering more social awareness and unlocking individual identity
- Encouraging independence
- Realising further strengths and hidden talents

To find out more about the various film-making projects that I offer and how they may suit your school's needs, do get in touch.