Kenya Tomorrow!

dancing equipment glasses jumping kids

Wow, well Uganda has been utterly incredible! I finished up my 6th day’s work here today, with visiting 3 farmers as well as the lady who has established a training centre. Again, truly amazing accomplishments I’m seeing, these families face the harshest conditions and toughest circumstances and yet STILL manage to not only survive but really thrive.

There is so much we can learn in our ‘More Developed Countries’ – we have health systems, great roads and safe water….but we lack in so many of the qualities I’m witnessing over here. The time to talk, the time to be late (!), the care for other people’s lives, real hard working ethics, family values,   freedom, friendliness! Today I think I waved at somewhere around 200 people as we drove through towns and past fields! All smiling, all waving! IMAGINE if I attempted that in England. I would hear swear words that I didn’t even know had been invented and fear for my safety!!

It’s a bit of a rant, but I’m just enjoying what Africa is all about, the people are fantastic and the weather is goooooood (if a little hot!).

We set off for Kenya tomorrow and we look all set to get in to the country regardless of the recent elections. I’m a bit apprehensive as I have been told we will be meeting more severe poverty. So ….I will try and write again soon!

Sorryfor ranting, I’m gunna get under my mosquito net now (that has big holes in it…), lotsa love,