Day 9: Kenya

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Day 9 – I’m trying to figure out why day 9 on any project I work on is so hard! It’s either day 9 or week 9, but it’s always the one that’s a struggle! I think my body is just tired, and my mind too. It’s a good thing I’m about to have a ‘Tusker’ beer with the boss and driver 🙂

We met 2 families again today, both affected or infected by HIV/AIDs. We also met two groups, again with a sea of children’s faces that have been orphaned by the disease. Heart breaking.

They, like all the people we have met so far, were so overwhelmingly happy to have us there. It’s really a strange experience being greeted and welcomed as if we were royals! It’s a bit of a dilemna cos I feel both grateful for their love and also uncomfortable as it just feels so wrong as if we are on a pedestal. I keep reminding myself that the reason they feel the way they do is because of the funding from the UK that supports and supplies the training and resources that are changing their lives. It just feels weird when you are listening to how they don’t barely eat 1 meal a day and then they give you gifts (like food and drink), and it’s rude if you don’t accept them.

Anyway, lots more song and dance! Which is wicked! Next time i think I will bring out some moves, as I have been trying to be respectful by just clapping and smiling til my face hurts. I think they will appreciate my dance moves though, so tomorrow!

We were offered an entire MEAL by the last group today! It was so kind of them, but again I felt the dilemna inside saying WE DONT NEED IT!!! Still, I was grateful and moved by the gesture. So we sat in a dark hut and ate goat and potatoes and peanut sauce with our hands. It then started to torrentially downpour! So we were stranded as it was not safe to drive. We waited it out, and it was a surreal experience.

Back at the hotel now and it’s my last night at this place. I’ve been told we are going ‘more rural’ tomorrow for 2 nights. And that means no WIFI! I’ve been lucky that I’ve had so much access til now, and it’s been so nice writing and sharing and hearing any comments. I feel pretty far away, so it means a lot.

Anyway I’ll leave it there for now as Tusker calls! But I’l upload a pic or 2 later before bed. Gunna wack on my flipflops and dodge the mozquitos on the way!