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Execution Day in Huntsville, Texas

So I’ve been putting off writing this one because this day is hard to summarise and I was also quite keen to put it behind me. But I think it makes sense to write about it. You can always not read this if you prefer the lighter stuff! I’m not gunna get into opinions about […]

Sun Up Sun Down

Today in this town a man is being executed. He robbed a man in the streets and shot him dead. He came away with $8. 10 or 15 years later and today the Lone Star state is taking his life. We asked a lady on the front desk of our motel what she thought of […]

A brush with the law

Yesterday we drove the long 45min journey that the prisoners take from the Polunsky unit (death row where they live) to huntsville (where the death chamber is). We did it twice. It. Was. Really long. When we were at the perimeter of ‘death row’ we thought it would be a good idea to get out and […]

In Texas, safe

19hours since I left my house. And I’m now sat in my hotel motel holiday inn. We got an upgrade to a sweet car (don’t ask me what it is but I can tell you that it has a stop/start button). Bleary eyed I found my way around said car and managed to get us […]

Sunday in Huntsville

Well, it’s different here! Everything is BIG. Think big…and then think bigger than that. Add a bit more large-ness, then times it by 10. That’s Texas. Signs, cars, roads, dead animals (sad face), sunshine, FOOD, people (awkward), birds (I saw a bird of prey today with a wing span that was probably my body length…), […]

I’m going to Texas.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Texas. Huntsville, to be specific. Where Death Row is, to be even more specific. It’s a research trip with a theatre-maker and I’m the filmmaker. Stephanie Ridings (writer/theatre maker) is writing a show about a woman who falls in love with a man on death row. So we are travelling out […]

Day 9: Kenya

Day 9 – I’m trying to figure out why day 9 on any project I work on is so hard! It’s either day 9 or week 9, but it’s always the one that’s a struggle! I think my body is just tired, and my mind too. It’s a good thing I’m about to have a […]

Safely in Kenya

It took us a while thanks to the potholes and speed bumps, but we made it to the Kenyan border at Busia! All was going smoothly until when asked for my $50, I reached into my special-not-so-cool travel wallet and realised that all the ’$10’ notes were actually……$1 notes!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes – […]

Kenya Tomorrow!

Wow, well Uganda has been utterly incredible! I finished up my 6th day’s work here today, with visiting 3 farmers as well as the lady who has established a training centre. Again, truly amazing accomplishments I’m seeing, these families face the harshest conditions and toughest circumstances and yet STILL manage to not only survive but […]

Uganda: Halfway Through

I’m up and ready for my 6th day on the job – it’s another hot day and we have another long journey ahead of us. We are now in the Eastern part of Uganda – Mbale is where we are staying. We will be travelling for a couple of hours to visit a fully developed […]